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Marjan Afrouzfar on Sanaa and the crossover of home and self

Posted on: Sat 19 Feb 2022

Last year visual artist Marjan Afrouzfar collaborated on her first large-scale mural, with artists Katherine Gailer and Arlon Hall through not-for-profit arts collective Sanaa.

Working with them [the other artists] gave me some . . . new views and created some new avenues in my mind.

Marjan Afrouzfar

After completing her Masters in Fine Art in Tehran, Marjan says her work focussed on “social and economic problems”. But, while she still feels drawn to those issues, after moving here her work has also reflected the personal.

Responding to the theme of home, Marjan’s latest work is showing in a Sanaa group show at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery running till April 14.

She speaks on Arts Breakfast about being simultaneously connected and separated from ‘home’, what is visible, and the scope of collaboration.

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Produced by Anisha Pillarisetty

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