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Annette Janic: My mum Leni, War Child

Posted on: Mon 9 Aug 2021

Leni’s story is not unlike that of many women who through necessity keep heart-rending secrets throughout their lives.  The term War Child refers to youth who were too young for direct participation in the war, but old enough to suffer immensely,  often in silence.  Leni’s secret began in pre-world war two Germany, through the Nazi era, and onward to migration and safety in Australia. In bringing Leni’s story to light, Annette has walked in her mother’s footsteps, gaining a greater understanding of empathy.

Annette says “ In Australia we often celebrate the rich war history of our forebears…  but war stories told to first generation Australians, like myself, by our European parents, many of whom became naturalized Australians, have been overlooked….” 

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo: Annette Janic. War Child. Survival. Betrayal. Secrets. Big Sky Publishing provided by A Janic and used with permission.

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