Kitty Anderson: My Dad Gustav – Deserves recognition

Posted on: Mon 2 Aug 2021

Kitty’s father, Swedish born migrant to Australia, Gustav Samuel Anderson, served his chosen country well during WW11, but is one of those who never got to march in an Anzac Day parade, and wasn’t recognised by the Australian Government for over 65 years, many years after Gustav’s death.  His story is even sadder than most.  We are incredibly privileged today to hear from Kitty about the background to Gustav’s story.  It gives us insight to his family life, and a daughter’s unconditional love for her father.

Interviewer Helen Meyer
SA Premier The Hon Steven Marshall unveiling the plaque commemorating Australian US Army Small Ships Veterans at the War Widows Guild premises, Rose Park 2020. Photo by John Claxton, AMOSA and used with permission
Coastal Vessel Noora. Gustav Anderson served aboard the Noora during WW2 AWM
L to R: Miss Kitty Anderson, The Hon Steven Marshall, Premier of SA, Peter Scott Lt Col retired. At the service to commemorate all Australians who served US Army Small Ships during WW11 (Kitty’s father Gustav Samuel Anderson was one of the Australian Veterans commemorated). Photo by John Claxton, AMOSA and used with permission.

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