Kyron Weetra on The Mulloways, cleaning up fronds, recovering language, and the perfect snack

Posted on: Sun 18 Jul 2021

You’ve probably seen or heard Kyron Weetra somewhere – in one of his many theatre productions (The End is High-Concept, Huge News), as part of the interactive Like Me, Like You program that’s just finished touring regional schools, playing in any of his many bands (The Mulloways, Hello Newman, Nobody’s Inn) or attending to the littering ferns in his backyard (although this is probably the least likely place you’ve come across Kyron).

But you if you haven’t heard of him, Kyron Victor Joseph Weetra is a 27 year old Narrungan & Saxon clan man who lives on Kaurna Yerta. Kyron is a writer, actor, comedian, musician, songwriter and a moonlighter in many creative worlds.

Take a listen to this rollicking chat ahead of the second Mulloways gig, where Kyron tells us about a bilingual song he’s working on as part of his ActNow Theatre Residency, an up and coming Christmas album, fortuitous meetings, and his favourite snack (and of course, more about the mysterious sounds of The Mulloways!)

Produced by Anisha Pillarisetty

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