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Australia’s complex border restrictions

Posted on: Tue 6 Jul 2021

With outbreak’s of COVID-19 in most states and territories, and now rates of vaccination, concerns have risen again about who is being permitted to exit and re-enter the country.

Detailed data from the Department of Home Affairs show who has been allowed to leave Australia, which countries they are going to, and why.

Most travelers need permission, and travelers can leave the country for a compelling reason, such as business-related, urgent medical treatment or in the national interest.

Many of the rules are very murky, and it is up to the decision-maker to determine the appropriate level of avidence required.

Its all very complicated, so to help clear the air a bit, Breakfast’s Tom Mann join Regina Jefferies from UNSW to discuss Australia’s current complex border laws.

Produced by Kate Johnson

Image Source : Pxfuel


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