Howard Hendrick: Lancaster’s Last Flight

Posted on: Mon 5 Jul 2021

Howard Hendrick OAM  417371 talks about a hair-raising experience over Leipzig Germany in 1944 flying his Lancaster Bomber and a lucky escape to make it back to England.

Howard’s interview with Christian Teusner is part of The RSL A Time To Celebrate project, a collection of oral histories gathered during 2020 through the COVID 19 outbreak. Many hours of interviews are captured featuring men and women who have served their country from WWII to present day. It’s a personal insight into their experiences, challenges and triumphs. Explore all of the interviews to discover some amazing individuals and their lives.

Portrait of Howard Hendrick from the Reflections Project, held at the AWM, compiled by The Australian Institute of Accredited Photographers from around Australia, honouring Australian Second World War Veterans

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