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Posted on: Wed 23 Jun 2021

She’s A Crowd is a tech-enabled social movement to end gender-based violence, driven by data and powered by stories.

People who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, intimidation, or violence are able to share their stories on an interactive map, describing what happened, where and when.

“They knew their story was going to a place where it could be used to help others and prevent it happening to others.”

She’s A Crowd Founder and CEO Zoë Condliffe says they are hoping to collect more data from Adelaide

This valuable and under-represented data then enables governments, communities and other decision-makers to drive change in the space of gender-based violence, in order to inform preventative action.

Founder and CEO of She’s A Crowd, Zoë Condliffe, joins Pink Rabbit’s Soph Landau to discuss their data-driven approach, and the work they are currently doing with public transport authorities in Adelaide to make our city safer.

1800 RESPECT: 1800 737 732

Image: She’s A Crowd

Produced by Soph Landau

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