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Wish Me Luck: Calling for Contact Details

Posted on: Mon 21 Jun 2021

The remaining portraits from the Wish Me Luck Photographic Exhibition need to be returned to the Veterans and/or their families (at no cost to the Veterans or families), and we put out a call for contact details to enable it to be done. 

Phone Veterans SA  (08) 8463 7140 or if you have contact details for the World War Two veterans listed below or their next of kin.

  • Anne Aston 437105
  • Allan Beames PA2782
  • Clifford Brice SX11024
  • Gordon Crawford 48408
  • Norma Chester 107043
  • Victor Grimmett S41184
  • Frank Gubbins 437128
  • James Hancock SX1815
  • Arthur Kent SX8645
  • David Mattingley 408458
  • Geoffrey Mead 122991
  • Joan Nankivell (Cook) 96677
  • Clyde Pappin 27530
  • Norman Schrubsole S76967
  • Jesse Mae Spangler 107426
  • Reginald Sutton SX29802
  • Jack Wallace PA2546
  • Cedric Wells PA4661

Clifford Brice WW2 Veteran. Photo provided by Louise Bagger and the AIPP Project.

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