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Migration story with Dr Govindasamy Rajan

Posted on: Sun 20 Jun 2021

Before Adelaide developed into the bountiful and multicultural city it is today, Dr Govindasamy Rajan, a well-known and highly respected senior member of the Indian Community of South Australia, says many things we have today were nowhere to be seen.

“There was not even an Indian restaurant in Adelaide in those days. A merchant in Singapore sent us a regular supply of Indian spices and things every three months.”

Dr Govindasamy Rajan recalls the time of his migration to South Australia in 1973

Rajan shares the awesome story of his migration to Australia, and how he settled down in Adelaide. We also hear about Rajan’s remarkable contributions to several local institutions and associations, such as the Adelaide Tamil Association & Indian Australian Association of South Australia.

He tells The Indian Wave’s Shampa Bruweleit how he put down roots in this city, progressed as a medical practitioner, and watched his family bloom and grow over the years.

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Produced by Shampa Bruweleit

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