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We have to talk boobs

Posted on: Thu 3 Jun 2021

Multi-award winning artist and celebrated musical comedian Selina Jenkins willingly had her breasts removed seven years ago. Now she’s ready to tell the story of her boobs in her show called – what else – BOOBS! at this year’s Cabaret Festival.

“Why is it so important that every person who has breasts has to embrace them and love them? Cisgender women who have boobs are worth so much more than their boobs.”

Selina Jenkins

Festival City caught up with her to talk about the expectation that is often put on boobs, the humour she found in going through the process of a double mastectomy, and what it’s like to share such personal stories on stage versus in real life. Find the full interview below.

Story produced by Stefanie Staelens

Festival City

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