The secret life of souvenirs

Posted on: Thu 3 Jun 2021

“We tend to think that we get souvenirs to remember what we’ve seen, to remember the places we visited, but they might play a role in narrating the self as well.
In that sense, travelling the world is as much about site-seeing as it is about self-seeing. It doesn’t just open our eyes to the broader world, but can also open our eyes to ourselves, to our identities.”

Adelaide’s very own cabaret superstar Robyn Archer travelled the world performing, and collecting.
Over the decades she’s brought back thousands of small souvenirs, so many that she dedicated an entire storage space to them.

On today’s show we philosophise about the things we bring back from our travels and what they tell us about those travels – and about who we are. 

Story produced by Stefanie Staelens
Photo by Cederic Vandenberghe

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