Living out of a van, researching bees

Posted on: Thu 3 Jun 2021

James Dorey, phD student at Flinders University and the South Australian Museum, backpacked through Europe and Southeast Asia when he was in his early twenties. Somewhere along the way his love for travel blended with his love for photography and bees. 

He set off on a big three and a half month trip around Australia, all by himself, looking to map as many native bees as possible. Later, he travelled Fiji extensively with the same goal. And he’s done some amazing discoveries. From bees with night vision, to black bees that were deemed extinct…

On Travelling Life he reflects on his travel adventures and research on the road. Listen back to the full interview below and find the stunningly beautiful photos he takes of native bees on his website.

James Dorey’s photo of the illusive native black bee

Story produced by Stefanie Staelens
Photo of James Dorey, taken by Olivia Davies

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