Learning lucid dreaming

Posted on: Thu 3 Jun 2021

Deciding for yourself what you’re going to dream at night. He’s been doing it since he was a child: Adelaide’s own Doctor Denholm Aspy is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of Lucid Dreaming. He is the brain behind the two largest studies on learning lucid dreaming to date – an international one and an Australian one. Doctor Denholm Aspy is based at the University of Adelaide. 

Lucid dreaming, being the designer and director of your own dreams, he has done it successfully over and over again himself and – in doing so – has become convinced: this is a great way to stimulate personal growth. If we choose where we travel to at night, we can dream ourselves into being a stronger, better person. 

On the latest Travelling Life, you hear all about travelling at night in our dreams, turning nightmares into something a whole lot more exciting, and the astounding benefits that practising this skill can have on people on COVID lockdown, and on… you. And me. And everyone.

Story produced by Stefanie Staelens
Photo provided by Bruce Christianson

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