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Streets Of Our Town: Libby Tozer

Posted on: Fri 21 May 2021

‘Streets of Our Town’ is a new segment where we meet the local makers, crafters and creative minds who are single-handedly shaping the arts scene on the streets of this town. We discuss their inspiration, their process and why they do what they do.

In society we’ve been taught that we’re all meant to look the same way and not have lumps and bumps… and fit into a mold which I really believe doesn’t exist…One size fits nobody.

Libby Tozer, Founder of She Is Seen movement

In this edition we meet Libby Tozer, a photographer, storyteller, author, podcaster and the founder of the ‘She Is Seen’ movement.

The movement started almost by accident when Libby put the call out for women to pose for photos for her book which aimed to document the experience of women through their lives, incorporating a body image aspect.

Libby has now photographed over 500 women in their bras and undies in large-scale photo shoot events.

For women who take part, the experience is one of healing and empowerment.

Follow the movement @sheisseenmovement

Produced by Tiarne Cook

Photo supplied by Libby Tozer

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