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Place of Courage for domestic violence survivors

Posted on: Fri 21 May 2021

Helen Oxenham OAM has been standing up for survivors of domestic violence her entire life. She is 90 years old.

Together with Spirit of Woman, her organisation, she has been campaigning for a public art space that commemorates the lives lost to domestic and family violence. She hopes it will start conversations and allow a place for the community to come together and grieve.

The place is full of statues of men with guns that died. But they died in a war. Our women died looking after their children, trying to keep their children together.

Helen Oxenham OAM, Spirit of Woman

Following over 5 years of campaigning, the first Place Of Courage has been installed at Rotary Park in Christies Beach.

This park has special significance as it is close to the site of the women’s shelter Helen started back in the 1970s on Beach Road.

Spirit of Woman is planning an official opening of the sculpture in September.

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Spirit of Woman Board Member Jeannette Stott on the ‘Place of Courage’

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