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Streets of our Town: Ahmed ElKhalidi

Posted on: Thu 29 Apr 2021

‘Streets of Our Town’ is a new segment where we meet the local makers, crafters and creative minds who are single-handedly shaping the arts scene on the streets of this town. We discuss their inspiration, their process and why they do what they do.

“Questioning home…like where is home? Ideally I would think it’s in my head, it’s not something real.”

Ahmed ElKhalidi ~ visual artist, photographer & graphic designer

In our second edition we meet Ahmed ElKhalidi, multidisciplinary designer, photographer and visual artist.

He speaks about the inspiration behind his work and how his upbringing overseas, his travels, and his move to Adelaide has informed his art.

Stunning pieces in his last exhibition ‘Swapped at Birth’ fused vivid imagery of Australia – the outback, the natural habitat – with images from abroad.

Check out his Instagram feed @ahmedelkhalidi

Produced by Tiarne Cook

Photo supplied

Ahmed ElKhalidi ~ visual artist, photographer & graphic designer

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