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SA’s wild and artsy wine labels

Posted on: Thu 15 Apr 2021

“The Australian wine industry has always been more forward-thinking and experimental than overseas. We’re a lot younger as a country and as a wine region, so we’re a little more open to experimenting.”

Wine labels with bold colours, puns, dogs in yoga position, cartoons, and names like Mother’s Milk. Australia’s use of art on wine bottles seems almost like a metaphorical middle finger to the global, more traditional wine industry. And to the idea that you need to know about wine in order to enjoy drinking wine.

Hear our chat with Brooke Bauer from Thorne-Clarke about how the wine label industry in Australia has become so bold, innovative and forward-thinking when it comes to using art in wine labels. 

And hear all about their event at this year’s Barossa Vintage Festival, where you can paint your own wine label while sampling wines. The winner’s design will end up on one of their newest wine bottles.

Story produced by Stefanie Staelens
Photo attribution: Ben Jacobsen

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