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Pickling, preserving & Rotegrütze: this is the Barossa

Posted on: Thu 15 Apr 2021

How does food connect us to a sense of place?

The Barossa has a legendary and evolving food culture. A very distinctive one, characterised by dishes you can’t find elsewhere, such as Rote Grutze, a red saga and grape pudding. At this year’s Barossa Vintage Festival a lot of those dishes can be sampled.

Hear our chat with Anne Moroney, chief executive of IDA Barossa Gwler Light and Adelaide Plains, who ran a Conversation event on the topic alongside renowned chef Mark McNamara.

We discuss how the Barossa’s food culture has changed and is changing, and what role these food traditions play in the Barossa’s sense of place and the connection of its people.

Story produced & photo taken by Stefanie Staelens

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