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Feminist Insider – Meaghan King

Posted on: Tue 16 Mar 2021

Thousands of people across the nation “marched for jusice” to stand up for injustice and violence against women. These demonstrations showed great courage and community, demanding more from our government and society.

The protests in Adelaide yesterday morning saw a large turn out, and many workplaces closing up to let their employees attend the rally.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison responded by making correlations between democracy and how protests in our country were not “met with bullets”

The response from the government didn’t quite meet the mark, as the response is problematic and concerning.

Parliament has a long way to go, and society needs to change the culture and bring everyone towards better views in social and women’s issues.

Breakfast’s Tom Mann and Zoe Kounadis speak to Feminist Insider Meaghan King to discuss more about the March for Justice.

Produced by Zoe Kounadis.

Image source: Wikimedia


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