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New Voices Emerge with Call of the Malleefowl

Posted on: Sun 14 Mar 2021

Bluestocking Theatre Co’s debut brings to stage, Call of the Malleefowl, a clever and creative one-act drama set in current day Adelaide. The play skilfully upholds the perspective of Evelyn, a young woman on the autism spectrum.

Through a merge of genres including drama, mystery and thriller this unique performance is brought to life as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Writer and Bluestocking Theatre Co’s Creative Director Charlie Kay joins Festival City’s Emma Wotzke to delve deeper into the premise of the plot and also shares some of the motivators behind the script. 

Bluestocking Theatre Co’s debut, Call of the Malleefowl will run from 15th- 20th March.

Image supplied by Charlie Kay

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Festival City

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