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Blinky Bill’s Environmental Message Re-emerges on Outdoor Stage

Posted on: Sun 14 Mar 2021

A familiar childhood favourite in Australian pop culture, Blinky Bill still stirs memories for both younger and older generations.

Kobugs a unique collaboration between Koala Life and Theatre Bugs joins forces between the arts and sciences to present Blinky Bill Is on The Loose, written by Adelaide playwright Rob Kimber who has cleverly adapted the original works of Blinky Bill by Dorothy Wall.

The exclusive outdoor musical theatre production is set to feature original music by Michael Mills as part of a fun, interactive exploration into environmental preservation and wildlife protection.

Following the formal launch at Cleland Wildlife Park, Blinky Bill is on The Loose will transfer for a full season at the 2021 Adelaide Fringe in the Amphitheatre at the Adelaide BotanicGardens.

Rob Kimber joins Festival City’s Emma Wotzke to explore the key aspects of the musical production and delve into the processes and inspirations behind the script.

The performance is set to run from 13-14 March and 16-21 March.

Image Supplied by Koala Life & Theatre Bugs

Produced by Emma Wotzke

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