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The Inner Meaning of Meditation

Posted on: Tue 9 Mar 2021

“We mistake reality in a certain way, we perceive ourselves to be separate from it and to be fixed, but the reality is, and modern science backs this up, is that things are constantly in flux.”

Rich Batsford

Meditation has existed for thousands of years as a means of deeper centring, connection and awareness, and is a practice traditionally linked to a range of eastern cultures. In the fast pace of current social climates, the popularity of meditative experiences and mindfulness is on the rise.

Try Buddhist Meditation – currently a sell-out, is a unique workshop that has joined the diversity of Adelaide Fringe Festival to deliver a range of meditative practices specific to grounding and mindfulness.

Convenor of Try Buddhist Meditation Rich Batsford speaks Festival City’s Emma Wotzke about his own involvement with meditation and how he developed his unique workshop for Fringe.

Try Buddhist Meditation is currently a sell-out however free classes are available Tuesday evening at Adelaide Triratna.

Image by Denis Oliveria sourced from Unsplash

Produced by Emma Wotzke

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