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Letters Between Strangers: Portrayals of A Pandemic

Posted on: Mon 8 Mar 2021

“Our experience is that art really has a lot of potential for meeting people where they are at in difficult times.”

Melinda Rankin

Portrayals of a Pandemic by Fabrik Arts is a unique exhibition exploring the boundaries of connection and communication during the pandemic, presented as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

The exhibition navigates the feelings of change and uncertainty in lockdown through a series of hand written letters created between strangers from June to August 2020.

Director of Fabrik Arts Melinda Rankin speaks with Festival City’s Emma Wotzke about curating the exhibition and how the original creative idea came together.   

Portrayals of a Pandemic will showcase at Fabrik Arts Thursday to Sundays until 15 March.

Image provided by Melinda Ranikin

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Festival City

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