Bob Walter: 2 RAR Vietnam

Posted on: Mon 1 Mar 2021

There’s nothing wrong with me… 

He was only 20 and engaged to be married when called up for National Service and sent off to Vietnam.  A year later he’d completed his tour of duty and National Service obligations, and was back into life as a civilian; married his fiancee; and set about being ‘normal’.  But it all caught up with Bob many years later.  He tells us about the journey, the impact of ‘coming back’ into the Veteran community, and his surprise at finding the healing power of being able to put thoughts, experiences and feelings into poetry.  In tribute to his and other Veterans’ partners, Bob reads his poem The lot of the Veteran’s wife.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Book copyright Bob Walter 2012. Printed by Openbook Howden. Cover image used with permission B Walter

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