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Chronic illness comedy with Endo Days

Posted on: Wed 24 Feb 2021

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Living with a chronic illness involves a lot of stress, pain and tears – but Endo Days is a good reminder that laughter is a top-notch medicine. A cheeky cabaret, comedy and singing support group presented by Expressions Media, Endo Days takes audiences on a one-hour musical journey through the trials and tribulations of living with a painful pelvis.

Endometriosis impacts 1 in 10 women in Australia and it can take decades for sufferers to receive the right diagnosis. Sufferers face a barrage of challenges in dealing with this illness, from “period blowouts” and painful sex to life-altering misdiagnoses of mental or physical illness. While the reality of living with endometriosis is grim, Endo Days manages to address these topics with a delicate balance of empathy and wicked humour.

Performing with the support of her talented “handsome man-band”, host Libby Trainor-Parker sashays amongst the audience in true cabaret style. Highlights include a reverse-strip tease from red hot lingerie into comfy couch PJs and side-splitting period parodies of classic hits (such as a raucous rejig of I See Red by Everybody Loves an Outlaw). Aside from these moments of hilarity, the most poignant moments of the show come from Libby’s willingness to share her experiences of living with this life-altering illness.

Our host frequently reminds us she “is not a doctor”. However, she provides more tips and tricks than most of us have ever received in our years of dealing with out-of-touch GPs! Without spoiling the contents of the show, I am willing to bet most of the audience exited with a much greater understanding of endometriosis – as well as actions sufferers can take to improve their quality of life. An honourable mention goes to the array of endo-friendly products recommended throughout the show, including cute wheat bags available for purchase at the bar.

Endo Days is more than an evening of charming chronic illness comedy. It is a lifeline of advocacy for people struggling to manage their symptoms. If you or someone you know has endometriosis, this is the Fringe show you should be attending – not just for the laughs, but for the solidarity of knowing there are other people out there who share your experiences.  

You can catch the last few sessions of Endo Days at Vault 143, Hindley Street on Thursday and Friday 26 Feb at 7PM, or at 6:30PM or 9PM on Saturday 27 Feb. Tickets are available on the Adelaide Fringe website.

Reviewed by Phoebe Montgomery, Pink Rabbit (Radio Adelaide). Audio forthcoming.

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