The Local Pub Leading a Hills Towns Revival

Posted on: Tue 20 Oct 2020

“A pub should be about community, looking after the locals and really showcasing the food and produce of the area”

Those are the words of Uraidla hotel general manger Heath, the man leading the reinvigoration and resurgence of the historic venue.

Reopening in 2016, the Uraidla hotel has been restored with its heritage in the front of the minds of the new ownership. Leaning on the lessons learned from their work reinventing both the Striling hotel and the Crafers hotel succesfully in recent years, a distinct focus was placed on sustainability and ‘upcycling’ throughout the refurbishment of the Uraidla venue.

As a result a once sleepy drive through town now features an exciting “stop by for a visit” atmosphere and feel. The comeback has been lead by the hotel in conjunction with the associated brewery, café and bakery all of which are almost entirely self sufficient.

If you would like to learn more about Uraidla’s revival and what to expect upon visiting Listen to the full story here.


Story: Cameron Jew 

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