Megan Spencer: Victoria Remembers

Posted on: Mon 17 Aug 2020

Despite current COVID-19 requirements, the Victorian Government is ensuring that commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW2 is available to all citizens, via a series of virtual exhibitions, augmented reality experiences and a special online ceremony.

South Aussie Journalist/Podcaster/Remembrance Advocate Megan Spencer was invited to interview three people for a series of videos for the Shrine of Remembrance, Victoria’s national war memorial, a project in partnership with the National Trust and Open House Melbourne.

The official title of the video project is “World War II at Home: Response, Reflection & Rejuvenation”. Megan chats with us about the interviewees, LAC Harold Mackinlay ‘Mac’ Ford (Air Force), Sub Lieutenant James ‘Jim’ Paizis (Navy), and Aunty Glenda Humes, eldest living daughter of Captain Reginald Saunders (Army).

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Image:  Megan Spencer used with permission.

See and hear Megan’s videos:

Mac Ford –

Jim Paizis –

Aunty Glenda Humes –

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