Dan O’Brien & Evan George: WW2 aboard Argosy Lemal & other ships

Posted on: Mon 9 Mar 2020

96 year old Evan George’s wartime service took him to areas throughout New Guinea and the Dutch East Indies;  to San Francisco; back to Australia, Subic Bay and Shanghai.  Evan remained officially unrecognised for his WWII Service until 2009, when he was issued Imperial Campaign Awards for service as Merchant Mariner. He holds fond memories of his Service, especially on the 3 masted schooner Argosy Lemal.

Guest interviewer Daniel O’Brien, Secretary of US Army Small Ships Association Australia

Main Photo:  Argosy Lemal and Evan George 1942.  Photos provided by E George and used with permission

Crew member prepares to defend S-6 ARGOSY LEMAL with a tommy gun.

Crew members of ARGOSY LEMAL on the bowsprit. (Evan George second from the front.)


Evan George

Evan George

15 year old Deck Boy Rupert Joseph ‘Curley’ Snell, and Assistant Cook Evan George at the galley door of S-6 ARGOSY LEMAL, 1942.

Evan George circa 1940s

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