Dr H Kudler: Creating connecting points in the Community to improve Veteran Health

Posted on: Mon 25 Nov 2019

Part 2 of Dr Harold Kudler’s talk about Veteran Health issues.     In the aftermath of World War One the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was truly conceived as a population health system, not just a clinical system, but a system that provided jobs and vocational training and help for families and help for military children.  “This is how you help Veterans re-adjust and how you build stronger families.  This works across generations”. says Dr Kudler.  But he says that in the years since WW1, the US has stepped away from that broader vision.   He states…   “What’s needed now is a population health approach to Veteran Mental Health”.   These issues have a resounding similarity to Australian Veterans.

Producer Helen Meyer

Hear Part 1 of Dr Kudler’s talk


Photo:  Dr Harold Kudler.  Fred Smith Fred Smith playing to troops at Poppys winter 2010 (Photos courtesy Harold Kudler and Fred Smith)



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