Peter Burdon: The notes of Neil Lyndon Sandery

Posted on: Mon 30 Sep 2019

Peter reads from Neil’s notes about his boyhood.  It’s an amazing glimpse into the boy behind the man who became a War Veteran.  Sample:

We looked from the windows of the old beach house (foreshore near Adelaide) and saw the morning dense with fog, and though this was unusual enough to cause interest, that was not the reason for the excitement almost sending me crazy.  Incredibly, in the whirling greyness clouding the foreshore and blotting out all distances, a great three masted barque lay like a ghost.  I was out of the house, across the road, down the slopes of the beach in a series of unthinking leaps, and landed panting in a small group of boys and adults attracted from their homes to look more closely at the ship now motionless close to shore. It was the Garthneill, whose navigators had become confused in the fog about them, and driven her ashore some miles South of her proper anchorage. 

Editor Louise Jesser.

Main Photo:  Neil Sandery aged 16:  US Troops aboard Timoshenko NG 1942.  Neil Sandery was Skipper of Timoshenko at that time.  Photos provided by N Sandery Jnr.


Neil Sandery aged 19 takes a sight aboard the Woolindra 1937. Photo provided by N Sandery Jnr


US Troops aboard Timoshenko circa 1942. Neil Sandery was Skipper of the Timoshenko at this time.

US Army Small Ships Base at Pier 10 Walsh Bay Gladstone Maritime Museum Sheridan Collection. Photo provided by US Army Small Ships Association 2019


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