CMDR Marcus Buttler: HMAS Melbourne (III)

Posted on: Mon 16 Sep 2019

Marcus comes from a long line of seafarers in the UK. His grandfather revolted against the trend and joined the Air Force, but as a young lad growing up in the coastal town of Albany Western Australia, Marcus knew for certain that the sea was where he wanted to be. He’s certainly achieved that!  Commander Marcus Buttler arrived in Adelaide last week, bringing the Melbourne on her farewell voyage.  After more than 28 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy, HMAS Melbourne will decommission in October this year. Marcus also gives us a glimpse into family life, and contribution to Sea Cadets, showing once again how our Servicemen/women contribute in our wider community.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

HMAS Melbourne (III) leaving Port Adelaide September 2019. Photo by Trevor Powell OAM

Commander Marcus Buttler (Provided by Defence Media). HMAS Melbourne by Trevor Powell OAM


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