Jen Lush – Lighthouses, the Night’s Insomnia and other songs

Posted on: Sun 12 May 2019

This week Jen Lush with a guest accompanist Tara Coates  are our Songcatcher guests.

Jen talked about her latest album, The Night’s Insomnia, such as how she came up with the idea of singing the poems she liked, and the joy and challenges of writing songs based on these poems. Overall, Jen said she really enjoyed the challenges of working with the poems and the poets and trying to respect the original poem. She likened this to a problem-solving process.

Jen also talked about her collaborations with other musicians and her inspirations for her songs. As a sensitive person, she tends to apply a sharp lens to the minutiae of everyday life. She sang GLass as an example of exactly that. Describing her thoughts as a parent seeing her children growing up, wishing her children might stay a certain stage forever.



Produced by Clayton Werner.


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