16 yo Ajaay Sureiander CCPL AAFC: LIFESKILLS & CAREER

Posted on: Mon 25 Mar 2019

Sixteen year old Cadet Corporal Ajaay Sureiander has just completed his promotion course and talks frankly about his career to date, the life skills gained along the way, and his aims for the future.

The Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) is a youth development organisation set in a military and aviation environment, administered and actively supported by the Royal Australian Air Force.  It offers a wide range of activities for young adults including drill & ceremonial, aviation, aircraft recognition, fieldcraft and radio communications.  These full-time, intensive leadership training courses give Cadets skills in leadership and decision-making, initiative, self-discipline, time-management, public speaking, management and administration, and operational planning.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photos provided by Paul Rosenzweig OAM Flying Officer (AAFC) and used with permission

6 Wing AAFC Edinburgh promotion parade 2018.


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