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Richard McGregor and Frank McGregor: Clan Gregor

Posted on: Tue 25 Dec 2018

A wide-ranging chat about the history of Clan Gregor; building Clan member numbers and participation in Scottish events – a task faced by many Clans and Associations; and about the Clan Gregor DNA Project –  in its 17th year and still going strong.

Trevor Powell OAM, President of Clan MacLeod SA interviews visitors to South Australia,  Frank McGregor from Tasmania (High Commissioner & Lieutenant of Clan Gregor Australia), and Richard McGregor from the UK  (Chairman of Clan Gregor based in Scotland).

Guest Interviewer Trevor Powell OAM

Photo: Left to right… Frank McGregor, Helen McLeod Meyer (Producer, Radio Adelaide), and Richard McGregor.  Photo by Trevor Powell, and used with permission


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