John McGregor: Tin Huts and Memories

Posted on: Tue 25 Dec 2018

Scottish migrant to Australia, John McGregor talks about mid 20th Century migrants to Australia.  Known as the Ten Pound Poms, they were housed at Migrant Hostels around the country…  many in old Army Nissen Huts.  John, tells us about those early years in Australia, and in particular about the Gepps Cross Hostel.

John and his friends Vic Turner, John McGregor, Joyce Weiner (nee Eggleston), David McGlogan, Anne Price (nee Accott) and Pam Low researched and wrote the book Tin Huts and Memories about this period that featured so strongly in thousands of people’s lives.

Interviewer Helen McLeod Meyer

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Photo provided by John McGregor and used with permission



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