Philip Payton: ‘Repat’. A concise history

Posted on: Mon 10 Dec 2018

After World War One it was clear that tens of thousands of servicemen and women would need to be returned to Australia from all corners of the world and fitted back into civilian life.   Many of them returned with physical and psychological injuries.  With limited post war jobs available, life was difficult.  Repatriation was born!

2018 marks the 100th year of Repatriation in Australia.  Navy Veteran Professor Philip Payton was appointed by The Department of Veterans Affairs to research and write about those 100 years.  He gives us a fascinating glimpse into the the resulting book ‘Repat’ A Concise History of Repatriation in Australia.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo:   ‘Repat’ A Concise History of Repatriation in Australia.  Published by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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