Cleary and Kearney: Valour and Violets Part 2

Posted on: Mon 3 Sep 2018

Coming to you from the Royal Adelaide Show!

Repeat broadcast:    Sharon Cleary and Robert (Bob aka Dogs) Kearney, co-authors of the recently published, highly acclaimed book Valour and Violets continue an informal chat about their research for the book. They also talk about how it’s thrown up long-forgotten aspects or little known aspects of South Australia’s World War One history.

Cleary and Kearney aren’t really interested in the well-known names of that era, rather they’ve delved into archives to retrieve the stories of whole families and communities, as well as aspects of the war that were not widely publicised at the time.

One listener commented, ‘With tears in my eyes I listened throughout to a gentle and penetrating conversation.’

Producer Helen Meyer

Robert Kearney, Sharon Cleary, 2018, Valour and Violets: South Australia in the Great War, Wakefield Press Pty Ltd

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