James Dorey: Bees of Australia

Posted on: Mon 13 Aug 2018

Service to country and community comes in many forms…  pause a while to consider what role our Australian native bees play in our wellbeing…  bees?  Yes, Bees.   Today another ecologist….  James Dorey will be along to tell us about Australia’s native bees.  James has been driven by a love of nature for as long as he can remember.  He believes that this love was first instilled in him when growing up surrounded by the rainforest that his father planted around their  house.   He carried that interest into his adult years and into a university degree, where he studied a bachelor of science in ecology and zoology at The University of Queensland, and recently published a highly acclaimed book about Australia’s Bees.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photos provided by James Dorey and used with his permission


The golden-green carpenter bee (Xylocopa (Lestis) aeratus Female


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