Get Down and Get Upcycling

Posted on: Wed 18 Apr 2018

Can you point me to the nearest landfill dump?

Few people can, yet we don’t think twice about throwing things away. With the rise of cheap fast-fashion, few people know how to sew a button back on or repair a tear when it’s so much easier to throw the shirt in the bin and buy another one. But what impact is this having on our environment?

Australia is the second largest consumer of fabric in the world, and throws away 6,000 kilograms of clothing every ten minutes. So how do we keep our clothes out of landfill?

You can donate them to those in need, pass them down to friends and family, OR upcycle them. Don’t know what upcycling is? It’s a relatively new buzzword for re-purposed products, such as turning fire hoses into handbags or brooches made from spoons. You’ll be surprised to know what your old clothes can become.

Rhia Daniel spoke to some op shoppers and an Adelaide-based upcycling business, Local Aesthetic, to find out how second hand clothes are being given a new life.

Produced by Rhia Daniel

Image Credit: Christopher Michel Wikimedia Commons

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