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Dr. Mark Kelman on tackling deadly dog disease

Posted on: Mon 16 Apr 2018

Canine Parvovirus is so lethal that it has been dubbed the ‘puppy killer’.  From well to dead in under 72 hours, with its most obvious symptoms being vomiting and bloody diarrhoea, it’s one of the worst diseases a dog can get. There’s no cure and, for underprivileged families and strays, vaccination isn’t an option. Dr. Mark Kelman is a veterinary scientist and one of the founders and directors of Paws For A Purpose – a charity that wants to make vaccinations available for all puppies.

Brayden Johns asked him what kills pups, how to keep our pets safe, and why we should support Paws for a Purpose.

Producer: Brayden Johns

Image Sourced: pxhere

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