Spicing up Hutt Street

Posted on: Mon 5 Feb 2018

The entrance speaks for itself with its array of fragrant spices, teas and more.

But that’s just a prelude to the upstairs dining experience of Ragi’s Spicery, the latest venture of Ragini Dey, in Hutt Street, Adelaide.

Maybe it’s the wafting scent of spices, but it’s more likely word-of-mouth from long-term admirers of Ragini’s food, that has people checking it out.

It’s an all-new menu but the food maintains the Ragini trademarks of integrity, blending and contrasting flavours, up-to-date and authentically Indian.

Ragini talks about the food, the spices – and don’t forget the cocktails – on Gastronaut.

Produced by Bruce Guerin

Image provided by and used with permission of Ragini Dey


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