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Army Medic – Veteran Advocate

Posted on: Mon 20 Nov 2017

Paul ‘Tich’ Tyson is a Broken-Hill lad who served in the Army for many years…  We hear about his life in Broken Hill, his family’s involvement with the Military, and about joining the Army at age 17 where he found himself in the Medical Corps and eventually serving in Vietnam.  Tich recounts some of those Vietnam experiences at 1st Australian Field Hospital, call-sign Vampire.

When Australia’s combat role in Vietnam ended in November 1971 with the withdrawal of most of the 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) from Nui Dat, most of the medical personnel were withdrawn from 1 Aust FD Hosp. The hospital remained in operation until December that year, when the bulk of Australian grounds forces returned to Australia.  Tich talks about those final days in Vietnam, and about his current involvement in the Veteran arena.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photos provided by Tich Tyson.  At 1 Aust Field Hospital Vietnam 1971.

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