Brian, Bill and Theo: On HMAS Sydney headed for Australia’s secret war

Posted on: Mon 13 Nov 2017

Brian Selby, and Bill Hansen (Army) and Theo Dekuyper (Navy),  who have become good mates since the day when they all sailed aboard the HMAS Sydney in 1964 bound for Malaya under a threat from Indonesia to ‘sink the Sydney’! No families or friends to wave them goodbye!  They have a lot to tell us in this incredibly rare personal insight into the era.  Not even the skipper of the Sydney knew what their destination was until they were well out from Sydney Heads!

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Brian Selby and Bill Hansen served in 111 LAA Battery.  Theo (Chief Petty Officer) served on HMAS Sydney, HMAS Melbourne and other ships as he explains in this interview.

Photos provided by Brian Selby and Theo Dekuyper.

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