Jacinda Ardern: NZ’s Next PM?

Posted on: Mon 4 Sep 2017

When Jacinda Ardern became leader of the Labour Party at the start of August 2017, support for the party was at a low of 26%.

Just one month on, support has skyrocketed to a 10-year high of 43% (according to the latest polls), with many political commentators citing Ardern’s leadership as the source behind the party’s new-found popularity.

If one has learnt anything from the recent US Presidential Election however, it’s that polls and public perception are not necessarily  to be relied on.

Kiwi Correspondent Pearl Little joined Breakfast Host Jennie Lenman to chat about the election, the accuracy of these polls and other news from across the Tasman.

Produced by Milly Schultz-Boylen

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons


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