Is Income Inequality Rising?

Posted on: Mon 4 Sep 2017

The Liberal and Labor parties have recently been butting heads over the issue of wealth and income inequality and how it affects Australia.

Recent data collected by the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) suggests that wealth inequality is not on the rise, while data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that wealth inequality is in fact, on the rise.

These conflicting studies are the reasons behind these differing viewpoints but how is this issue affecting Australians?

“People are feeling income inequality at the moment because we’ve had pretty stagnate or actually no growth in wages after inflation for the past few years” said Economics Correspondent Danielle Wood.

Danielle joined our host Jennie Lenman to speak about the complexities of wealth inequality and how it can be tackled.

Produced by Milly Schultz-Boylen

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons


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