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Adelaide Fringe Review: Tattletales – Immersive Tarot Storytelling

Posted on: Sun 5 Mar 2023

Start with The Fool, The Empress, and The Hanged Man. Audience members have selected the Tarot Cards to reveal the three characters in our story.

We are now under the spell of our Story Teller, he who has sipped Odin’s Mead of Poetry. It’s a moody, magic, dimly lit space, temporarily bedecked and festooned with faded wall hangings, carpets and floating feathers. [Hard to recognize its real, hard-edged identity as an desolate back upstairs office space in Arthur Artbar.]

The point here is the story – and the audience works with the Story Teller to create an enchanted  world – a slice of time – a mission for our three characters. Will their story be for Good  – or Evil? Each step is directed by selection of a Tarot Card – each Card interpreted by our Story Teller – before the audience decides which way our characters will turn – to the Sun – or away from the Sun.

Every performance delivers a unique story, directed by the Tarot Cards, driven by the audience, guided by the Story Teller.  A super fun Fringe frolic!

Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

Reviewed by Christina Hagger, aka Dr Christina from The Thursday Edition of Festival City

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