Paul Rosenzweig+Don Cameron: NMBVAA SA/NT

Posted on: Mon 27 Jun 2022


Don and Paul talk of how the National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Assoc of Aust SA/NT rallied following the tragic death of its President Brian Selby, and how they’re continuing the important work retaining close ties with the people of the Malaya and Borneo provinces that Aussies defended during the Malaya Emergency and the Indonesian Confrontation.   Paul and Don call on Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans and families of the era to join them in attending upcoming services commemorating the era, including joining Aussies, New Zealanders, and other British and Commonwealth Veterans in Sarawak in 2023.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

All photos provided by NMBVAA SA/NT and used with permission

NMBVAA SA-NT image #2
Don Cameron-Vice-President of the NMBVAA SA & NT Branch. Pictured on Anzac Day 2022 placing a tribute at the Branch memorial on the Pathway of Honour in Adelaide in memory of the late Branch President Brian Selby.
NMBVAA SA-NT image #1
Major Paul Rosenzweig OAM (ret’d), President of the NMBVAA SA & NT Branch. Pictured (right of image) with the Commanding Officer and Cadets of No 604 Squadron AAFC who supported the 2021 Malaya-Borneo Veterans Day service at the West Torrens War Memorial Gardens.

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