The Greens run in the Bragg by-election

Posted on: Tue 21 Jun 2022

Both the 2022 elections so far brought quite a few surprises including the cliffhanger of the Federal electorate of Sturt where there was a swing to The Greens of over 5%.

Obviously climate change is on the minds of people in the Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide and they are voting accordingly, which adds interest to the coming by-election there.

This is especially, given the local campaign to protect the Third Creek catchment, under threat from  the planned expansion of the White Rock Quarry. Jim Bastiras is a key player in that campaign and we’ll hear why he’s taking that campaign to the next level as candidate for The Greens in the coming by-election in Bragg on July 2nd. He spoke to Radio Adelaide’s Nicky Page.

Produced by Nicky Page

Image: flickr


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