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Gay as in Happy (and Homosexual) – John Robles

Posted on: Wed 16 Mar 2022

Naturally witty, snarky and charismatic when performing on stage, yet somehow nobody can get their head around just how sexually lewd and crude this young up and coming comedic performer is when regaling audiences with vivid, vigorous stories about his many trysts, hijinks and exploits with malicious housemates, terrifying Grindr hookups and foolish artistic intrepidity.

New South Wales based stand-up comedian, actor and improviser, John Robles is making his much anticipated return to the 2022 Adelaide Fringe Festival, after a three year long absence with his second solo show, Gay as in Happy (and Homosexual). Nothing is off limits, as Robles unleashes a plethora of filthy and dirty jokes, which veers toward an insightful and critical analysis on subjects such as blowjobs, having ADHD and funny British accents.

Robles also reveals to Radio Adelaide’s Jarad McLoughlin how being both gay and neurodivergent ignites a flicker of creative spontaneity before proceeding to write his next comically laden joke, even when struggling with poor memory due to his congitive disability.

Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo courtesy of James Tarbotton

Jarad McLoughlin

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