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Adelaide Fringe Review: join the Classical Mystery Tour

Posted on: Sat 5 Mar 2022

Nothing like a cool space on a hot autumn night especially if that place is Gluttony, and you’re joined the Classical Mystery Tour.

A blend of music, history and stories, it’s all classic Beatles. And it’s delivered by a tremendous all-Adelaide production of 15-piece orchestra and rock band…all just ‘waiting to take you away’. [I’m still humming that one…!]

The clock is wound back to 1967 as we gleefully re-enter a Beatles world of rock and psychedelic hits, with the occasional wonderful ballad.

The Beatles were an unstoppable force at the time and the audience is treated to some of their best Magical Mystery Tour songs – Penny Lane, Hello Goodbye, Baby You’re a Rich Man.

We hear the stories behind some of the songs, John Lennon’s childhood memories that inspired Strawberry Fields Forever, and how that ‘Anthem for the Ages’, All You Need is Love, was broadcast Live by satellite to an audience of 50 million – yep, some feat back in ’67.

It’s a great night, great music, and the encore, a coda to Hey Jude, clearly just leaves the audience wanting more.

Review: Christina Hagger

Image: Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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